Founded in 2016, Natasha Guitars is a new brand integrating guitar research and development, production, sales and service, and is committed in building a completely independent Chinese guitar brand. Since its establishment, the company has experienced many leaps and bounds, always insisting on independent research and development, independent innovation, adhering to the concept of green environmental protection, selecting fine wood and new environmentally friendly materials for hand-manufacturing, hatching a very competitive solar system guitar series. Since then, the scale of production has been continuously expanded, and a large amount of funds has been invested in the construction of a new production base in Zheng’an, Guizhou, the “hometown of guitars”, with a construction area of ​​15,000 square meters, helping Natasha to further develop domestic and foreign markets.

Natasha’s initial aim is just like the brand logo, with a fresh leaf growing on the lowercase letter “n”, which means that the wood is combined with art after being separated from the tree, and it is reborn in another form. Natasha will continue to independently develop more environmentally friendly guitars, use vibrant notes to compose a music brand that belongs to the Chinese, and contribute to the scientific development of national cultural products and the expansion of China’s guitar industry. power.

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