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Why Muse Tone Music?

The Great Story Of Our Culinary Journey

We provide comprehensive and extensive music training in classical, pop, rock, jazz, ensemble work, etc. Private lessons with our experienced instructors allows for a deeper understanding and guidance towards your musical needs & goals.

Qualify Learning Satisfaction

Our student stand to enjoy discounts on purchases of music instruments, accessories and lifestyle products at all Swee Lee stores in Malaysia, as well as access to music clinics and workshops by various brand-endorsed artists.

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Based on the fast and time-saving requirements of the current pace of life, we also provide fast and time-saving delivery services for customers located in the Klang Valley (the goods will be delivered within 2 hours). Customers do not need to spend time visiting the physical music store, they can also use our platform to check the inventory of the goods they need, and they can easily receive their favorite products within a short time after confirming the order.