The development and production of Gotar classical guitars comes from the Gotar R&D department and Gotar classical guitar production line. They are manufactured with high-level ingenuity and bred in advanced constant temperature and humidity workshops to ensure that every guitar is a fine product. The main R&D personnel and technical supervisor team have an average of no less than 20 years of craftsman experience. Masters from various countries personally visit the factory for guidance. German luthiers personally pass on the craftsmanship, Spanish luthiers guide the fundamentals of guitar design, European shareholders inject capital and introduce the brand [Gotar song tower], and then adjust the feel of the oriental luthier and trim the sound beam It is more in line with the hand experience and timbre hearing of Asians. The appearance and surroundings are designed as a whole by a French designer, creating a beautiful and exquisite classical guitar that will accompany you and escort your romantic music.

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